Create Your Own Class -

Stringing, Wire Wrapping or Knotting

Choose any of the classes below - call the store and schedule your time.  It's that easy!


Private Class for 1 - $50 for 1 hour

Private Class for 2 - $45 each for 1 1/2 hours

1 student $80
2 students $75/each

1 student $110
2 students $100/each

More complex classes like:
Leather wrap Bracelet, Macrame, Beaded Braids, etc 
1 or 2 students $80 each/2 hours
 $110/each/3 hours

Basic Stringing

It's often hard to find a place to 'start' in jewelry making; we suggest the first class you take is a basic beading class.  You'll learn several finishing techniques, how to use the proper tools, and some good habits, all the while making some fabulous jewelry all your own! 


Knotty Knotty

Learning to make a traditional knotted pearl necklace or floating contemporary beads along colorful silk thread is really fast and easy to do. Finish off with bead tips and an interesting clasp for a graceful, classic necklace.


Basic Wire Wrap

Wire wrapping makes all the difference in durable, professional bead work.  Learning the proper use of tools and how to work with wire will prepare you for more challenging classes.  You'll be taught the easy way to wrap with small gauge wire and pearls, glass, or semi-precious stones for secure, polished earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.


Phone 858.755.2323

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731 S. Hightway 101

Solana Beach

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Monday - Friday 11am - 6pm

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Sunday  11AM - 4PM

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